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Alt: Wembley Stadium

Title: Wembley Stadium


It is always more pleasant to watch sporting events at the stadium. This is where you can get a powerful charge of emotion and watch the skills of the athletes live. Nowadays, billions of dollars are invested in the construction of sports facilities. In this article, will talk about the most expensive arenas in the world.

6. AT&T Stadium (Arlington, United States), $ 1.3 billion

This stadium is the arena for the NFL Dallas Cowboys. The arena is sometimes referred to as Jerry’s World in honor of team owner Jerry Jones, who originally envisioned this sports facility as a place of pilgrimage for lovers of entertainment and recreation.

Its stands can accommodate 80,000 fans at a time, making AT&T Stadium the fourth largest stadium in the NFL. The maximum capacity of the facility, along with the lobby, is 105,000. It is the venue that set the record for attendance at NFL games. In 2009, 105,121 American football fans attended the game.

On February 14, 2010, the stadium hosted the NBA All-Star Game. This fight brought together 108,713 people in the stands, and AT&T Stadium set another record. The basketball game became the busiest in history and entered the Guinness World Records.

5. Gazprom Arena (St. Petersburg, Russia), $ 1.37 billion

Alt: Gazprom Arena
Title: Gazprom Arena

This stadium is the most expensive in Russia. This is where the Zenit football club organizes its matches. Construction of the arena began in 2007 and it was originally planned to spend six times less money. During the works, however, the cost kept increasing. The stadium was built with glaring violations, and then after commissioning in 2016 a lot had to be redone to eliminate the mistakes of the construction workers.

In terms of capacity, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Gazprom Arena hosted around 64,500 fans. During concerts, the number of seats rose to 80,000.

4. National Stadium (Singapore), $ 1.4 billion

This arena can be used for various purposes. It was erected on the site of the old national stadium, which was demolished in 2010. The new sports complex was put into operation in 2014.

The stadium has a domed roof, which is equipped with a retractable mechanism. The seating arrangement can be adjusted. Thanks to this, the National Stadium is the only arena in the world specially designed for football, rugby, cricket and track and field competitions (you can bet on all these sports in the best bookies on The stadium’s folding dome is considered the largest in the world with a similar design.

If properly seated, the arena can accommodate up to 55,000 spectators.

3. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada), $ 1.45 billion

Alt: Olympic Stadium
Title: Olympic Stadium

This stadium holds the record for capacity among arenas in Canada. It was built for the 1976 Olympics. After the event, artificial turf was laid on it and the stadium itself became home to local professional baseball and football clubs.

Now even concerts and various fairs are held there. The Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 56,040 people.

2. Wembley Stadium (London, UK), $ 1.5 billion

This arena opened in 2007. It was built on the site of its eponymous predecessor, which was demolished in 2003. Today, Wembley Stadium hosts international football matches and is the arena of the England national team. In addition, rugby and American football are played here and various concerts are held.

The arena can accommodate 90,000 spectators, making it the largest football stadium in the UK and the second in Europe. Wembley has the largest indoor seating capacity of any stadium in the world.

A special platform system for sports competitions has also been installed here, reducing the capacity of the arena to 60,000.

1. MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, USA), $ 1.6 billion

Alt: MetLife Stadium
Title: MetLife Stadium

When the arena opened in 2010 it was called New Meadowlands Stadium, but a year later MetLife, an insurance company, bought the rights to the name. This is how this sports facility got its modern name. It is the home of the NFL club New York Jets.

The arena tops our ranking as the most expensive stadium ever built. It can hold 82,500 people.

In 2017, the Business Summit committee honored the sports site with the title of Stadium of the Year. The award is given to the best arena in the world which has demonstrated the most impressive results in the past year.

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