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The capacity of sports arenas and outdoor entertainment venues has increased as part of a new epidemic order

(WXYZ) – Sports stadiums and arenas are seeing their capacity increase under the latest epidemic order announced Tuesday by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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Under the ordinance, which will come into force on Friday March 5, indoor stadiums and arenas are allowed to accommodate 750 people indoors if the number of seats is greater than 10,000 and 375 if the number of seats is less. to 10,000.

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That’s up from an epidemic order issued in February that had capacities of 500 and 250 respectively.

In addition, the outdoor entertainment and recreation facilities can accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Fans got to watch Detroit Pistons and Red Wings games, but it was mostly the family of the players.

The Detroit Tigers open the season at Comerica Park on April 1, which means fans will be allowed into the stands. It is not clear whether Comerica Park is considered a place for outdoor entertainment.

Tigers’ vice president of park operations Chris Lawrence told reporters a few weeks ago that based on the protocols used for fans limited to Lakeland, the team are confident they can safely accommodate of fans at Comerica Park once allowed to do so.

At Lakeland, tickets were sold in capsules with a limit of six fans. These pods are set apart from each other with access to the fairways, and tickets were also sold on the outfield berm in groups of four which had demarcated squares on the lawn.

This latest order will last until April 19, but could be extended or completed earlier, depending on state figures.

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