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The 10 best indoor and outdoor sports arenas in New Jersey

The best indoor arenas in New Jersey

The best indoor arenas host many sports in the state.

The best indoor arenas are those that serve hockey, basketball, and other niche sports that fans look forward to.

1. Prudential Center, Newark

Use: Hockey, Basketball, Football, Boxing, MMA, Concerts

Newark’s icon, Prudential Center, is the epitome of New Jersey’s excellent arenas.

Home to a wide range of activities, Prudential Center is the home of the New Jersey home team, the New Jersey Devils.

The arena can accommodate between 16,000 and 19,000 people depending on the event.

Its relatively small capacity means that the games often sell out, creating an exciting atmosphere in the arena.

2. Mennen Arena, Morristown

Use: Hockey, concerts, MMA, Indoor NFL

Serve as a smaller, more local arena; Morristown’s Mennen Arena is a simple indoor facility.

In 2005, CM Punk won the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship in this arena.

Most commonly used by locals for skating and ice hockey, the 2,500-seat single arena makes this list as a great service to New Jersey natives.

3. Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park

Use: Concerts, niche sports

Asbury Park Convention Hall has hosted some of the best musicians of all time.

Including New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan.

The indoor arena can seat around 3,600 people and hosts other interesting events and shows.

The Hall is also home to the Jersey Shore Roller Girls roller derby.

Best outdoor arenas in New Jersey

While there is no state representation for New Jersey itself (other than the Devils and the New York teams), Jersey itself has some excellent outdoor arenas.

4. Red Bull Arena, Harrison

Use: Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Concerts

As the third largest football-specific stadium in the United States, the Red Bull Arena is home to the New York Bulls football team.

The stadium – which can seat around 25,000 people – is located on the border between New York and New Jersey.

As football gains traction, in part due to the prevalence of online sports betting in New Jersey, we can see the Red Bull Arena as an important piece of New Jersey iconography.

5. MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Usage: Football, Professional Wrestling, Monster Trucks, Concerts

MetLife holds a special place in the hearts of New Jerseyers and New Yorkers.

Specifically for being the only stadium that is home to two NFL teams: the Giants and the Mets.

The massive arena has a capacity of over 82,000 people and has hosted national events including the Superbowl and Wrestlemania.

6. TD Bank Ballpark, Bridgewater

Use: baseball, concerts

As a local arena and baseball stadium, TD Bank is the home of the Somerset Patriots.

With a capacity of 6,100 seats, the arena is mainly used for local ball games and small concerts.

The Ballpark is simple, and it’s not uncommon to see the arena fill up completely on game day.

7. Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Usage: Boxing, Concerts, Hockey, Indoor Football

Historic Boardwalk Hall is a must-see for anyone in Atlantic City.

In addition to being used for many sporting events, the hall houses the largest musical instrument in the world; a pipe organ with over 33,000 pipes.

Notable events include The Who celebrating their 50th anniversary by playing a sold-out show up to a maximum capacity of 10,500.

Mike Tyson fought in the Hall as a heavyweight champion and knocked out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds.

8. Arm & Hammer Park, Trenton

Use: baseball

Arm & Hammer Park is home to the Trenton Thunder, a two-league minor baseball team.

The small but recognizable venue exclusively hosts minor league baseball and has been since its inception in 1994.

In 2011, the arena set an attendance record with over 11,000 people attending a game that featured a Jersey Native, Derek Jeter rehab match.

9. Yogi Berra Stadium, Little Falls

Use: baseball

Built in 1998 as a tribute to veteran New Jersey star Yogi Berra, the arena hosts a range of varsity baseball games for Montclair State University.

The stadium is also home to a Yogi Berra Memorial, Museum and Learning Center.

With a capacity of 5,000 people, with space to host larger events, the stadium pays homage to Yogi Berra more than anything and resides at 8 Yogi Berra Drive.

10. CURE Insurance Arena, Trenton

Use: Basketball, Wrestling, Concerts

The last arena on our list is the CURE Insurance arena, located on the edge of the Pennsylvania border.

The arena mainly hosts men’s and women’s college basketball matches and high-level concerts.

Musicians who have been there include Bruce Springsteen, Cher and Elton John.

The 8,500-seat site also hosted WWE in 1999 when it opened.

The New Jerseyans and their stadiums …

Unlike their neighboring states, Jersey’s best arenas are here to support locals and help them play their favorite sports.

From the iconic Prudential Center to a tribute to a star player – Yogi Berra Stadium – there is something for every New Jersey fan.

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