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Tanzania: establish an annual budget for sports arenas, Bashungwa

THE Minister of Arts, Culture and Sports Innocent Bashungwa called on all councils and municipalities to establish an annual budget for the construction, development and protection of sports arenas.

The order of Basungwa intervened during the climax of the Interministerial Games (SHIMIWI) in Morogoro this weekend and insisted that a better sports arena can be a source of income in councils, municipalities and towns.

“All regions of Tanzania need to develop sports infrastructure and address other needs in their region. It is about helping officials and residents to exercise and participate in sports inside and outside the country, ”he said.

He also urged the presidents of regional and district sports commissions to consider the practical implementation of the 1995 sports development policy guidelines, the 1967 National Sports Council Act as well as its reforms which entrust regional administrative secretaries and district administrative secretaries with tasks to ensure sports activities. take place with precision under authorized competent supervision.

“This will only happen if we have good sports infrastructure.” He called on ministries, regions and all government institutions to prepare for the SHIMIWI Games next year.

This year’s Games attracted of course 24 ministries, 11 regions, 4 agencies and 8 government departments.

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