Arena designs

New arena designs rally support from commission to move forward


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Where future shows would take place, a new James Brown Arena, built on the site of the current one.

“Our vision is to have a complex, not just to build an arena again, to have something that people want to come where people will want to hang out even when we don’t have an event,” the president said. from the Coliseum Authority, Cedric Johnson.

Preliminary designs show an arena with over 10,000 seats, which will be attached to the Bell Auditorium with an outdoor event space.

“The citizens are going to be absolutely amazed, of course I did not vote for the last concept which this concept has my full support and my full vote,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

The price $ 228 million, and this does not include a

Parking lot at $ 18 million, parking worries some city leaders

“They did not mention a parking lot, it will be necessary to make a parking lot,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Colosseum Authority officials say to keep the project alive, the commission must back their request for $ 25 million in the next phase of the Special Purpose Sales Tax, or SPLOST.

“I think we’re going to find the $ 25 million in SPLOST to top up, I think, do it,” Commissioner Bobby Williams said.

But an additional $ 220 million will be needed.

“There will be a bond referendum next year to finish supporting this and other projects, but as we move forward, this is a project Augusta can be proud of,” Commissioner Brandon Garrett said.

At least the designs make the city rulers feel good.

If the bond referendum is approved, Colosseum Authority officials are planning January 2022 to start tearing down the old arena and start work on the new one.
With the ribbon cutting scheduled for September 2024.

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