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Golden State Warriors’ new arena designs look like a toilet


Architectural renderings are a full step away from actual polished renderings, but the Golden State Warriors might need this step to be a jump after audiences question their first concept for the team’s new 18,000-seat arena. .

Criticism ? Well, it looks like a toilet.


It didn’t take long for people to have fun at the expense of the arena.

A spokesperson for the Warriors warned that the designs were simply a work in progress and “designed to facilitate feedback from the community we are engaged in at this time.”

“We’re still in the design phase,” a Warriors spokesperson told “Detailed renderings are yet to come. “

The Warriors have wanted to move from Oakland to San Francisco for years, pushing a plan to restore the city’s Embarcadero pillars to the shadow of the Bay Bridge.

This concept was delayed and then scrapped, however, as the city and neighbors weren’t keen on a plan depicting a major waterfront design with multiple structures changing the mood – and the line. horizon – of the neighborhood.

Warriors toilet 2

In April, Golden State instead purchased land next to UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus and these new drawings show plans for two 160-foot-tall office buildings, a small plaza, and other structures for go with a 135 foot high arena and adjoining ‘Bayfront Terrace’.

Porcelain not being in the scope of the project, expect a significant transformation of these designs into actual renderings.

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