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5 ways indoor mapping improves the fan experience in sports arenas

Sports arenas can hold thousands of fans at a time, and while this is great for packing the house and selling tickets, it can become a bit of a logistical nightmare, especially if your sports arena is very large and complex.

So what’s a sports arena to do?

With modern innovations in indoor mapping software that can be sent to people’s smartphones, we now have fully mapped stadiums from Mappedin and other similar companies. But how can this indoor mapping improve the experience of your fans?

Here are 5 ways indoor mapping improves the fan experience in stadiums and sports arenas!

1. Easier navigation

If you have a very seated event, directing people to their seats can be a nightmare. You can work with multiple levels, sections, rows, and VIP areas, giving you a wide range of opportunities for fans to get lost while searching for their seats.

With indoor mapping, the location of their seats is clearly marked on a 3D map and exact step-by-step instructions are given to help reduce the pressure on the ushers at your event by showing people to their seats.

2. Improved accessibility

Interior mapping technology can be programmed to help people with disabilities find the easiest path to their seats, favoring elevators and ramps over stairs to ensure they have no trouble finding their seat .

You can also use this software in multiple languages ​​from all over the world, so that international guests or those who do not speak English as a native language can use the software in their native language, making it easier for them to understand the instructions given to them. data. .

Unfortunately, most event bailiffs only speak 1 or 2 languages!

3. Fans can see everything available to them in the stadium.

Indoor mapping isn’t just about seating – it can be used to help fans locate the nearest restrooms, as well as study the choice of food and drink stalls available to them.

This way fans can keep their options open when it comes to food and drink stops, deciding which booth they would like to try rather than automatically going to the grandstand closest to their seat.

Getting a bird’s eye view of all the features and amenities of your sports arena is a great way to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

4. Insights and analyzes to make improvements

Indoor mapping software makes it easy to track foot traffic movement and occupancy of various parts of your sports arena, helping you track how fans use your arena during and before / after a match.

With this data, management can make data-driven decisions about arena renovations and certain features that may be best extended or abandoned entirely depending on how they are used.

You might also learn interesting information about your audience demographics, helping you produce more relevant ads for future events.

5. Exclusive Deals and Offers for Fans Direct to Their Phone

With indoor mapping software right in their palm, you have the ability to advertise exclusive deals and offers to your fans that entice them to part with their money.

You might have an offer at one of the bars in the arena, a discount on a future event, or an upgrade that someone would be interested in.

Take the opportunity to make a sale if you can!

We hope you enjoyed these 5 ways indoor mapping can improve the fan experience in sports arenas. Whether it’s finding seats or making things accessible, there are so many reasons to give this technology a try!

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